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Oleg GryshchenkoOlena Staranchuk
Valka #1

Original Title Валка (Valka)
Co-artists' Names: Olena Staranchuk, Oleg Gryshchenko, Andrew Sakun
Medium: Paper, print
Year2011, Edition 100, Publisher, self publish
Size: 21x30 cm

The first edition of "Valka". This is a newspaper about modern art, which is created and popularized the same way as underground press did. The idea of the news paper is to provoke the reader to takeminterest in visual art. It is a kind of a protest against unthinking perception of visual art by the public, and against its mechanical creation for the needs of the consumer. The first 100 editions are spread among the cultural and educational institutions for free. 

  • Valka #1
  • Valka #1
  • Valka #1