Book Art

Marek Gajewski
Poetry and Kindness

texts by William Shakespeare, Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Franz Kafka, Brunon Schulz, Karolina Joeniach, Debora Vogel; mixed media – photographs, plaster moulds, wood, paper, rope, etc.; photo frames: 66cm x 25 cm; case: 10cm x 28 cm; one of a kind; 2011

The book is composed of a wooden small case and two photos in frames with moulds of fingers fixed to them. The photos hang on the wall. Between the pictures a rope is fixed at the moulds of fingers – small pieces of paper with texts on them hang on it like wet cloths.
In between the photos, on the table, there is a small wooden case with blank pages and pages covered by writings. The same blank pages and a pencil can be found on a table beside. People watching the book can write down their thoughts on the blank pages and hang them on the rope spanned between the photos. Thus people, not knowing each other, will have a chance to exchange their thoughts. Poem that have been used, the title of the book and the way it is made should suggest, to careful readers, a kind of literature [literal] utterance.

  • Poetry and Kindness