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Oleg Gryshchenko
Kopachi Naive

Original Title Копачі наївні (Kopachi naivni)
Writer Grygoriy Skovoroda
Medium: Canvas, print
Year, Edition, Publisher: 2012, one copy
Size: 90x2000 cm

Kopachi (people who dig) - is the next segment of the project People_U. This composite image of sacredness work, specific regular ritual.
Kopachi Naive - based on the traditional holistic outlook of the world and the self in its composition. We used the poem Ukrainian philosopher Gryhoriy Skovoroda (1722-1794) form of the work done in the style of folk art (textiles, graphics) 

  • Kopachi Naive
  • Kopachi Naive
  • Kopachi Naive

  • Kopachi Naive