Book Art

Katarzyna Piriankov
J'y suis jamais alle (nigdy tam nie byłem)

plank, cardboard, acrylic; 100cm x 60cm; one-off; 2007

The author makes a short statement: “I have never been there...” It also encourages to enter an undefined area. The relation between the author and a reader is subtle and sophisticated. What is this area mentioned by the author? We know nothing about it – the only thing we know is that it attracts, fascinates with its mystery and a potential to be discovered. On the other hand there is a trick here, a reflection reflecting our decisions and our history. New territories are attractive due to new possibilities, they can also hide within themselves some matters so valuable for us, meeting our demands, expectations, desires. On the other hand they provoke, we can't move back in time to our nostalgia, so they delude us we can find it once more in the future. So, in the new territories we are looking for what is new, what we desire, as well as what we lost... even if in the distorting mirror of the future.

  • J'y suis jamais alle (nigdy tam nie byłem)
  • J'y suis jamais alle (nigdy tam nie byłem)