Book Art

Renata Pacyna
Héloïse. Veiled, unveiled.

text by Abelard and Héloïse; translated into Polish by Leon Joachimowicz; silk and linen; printing on silk textile; 100cm x 140cm; one of a kind

The work inspired by the Héloïse's letters to Peter Abelard.
The book is a linen dress with letters printed on silk banners sewn under the surface layer. These are excerpts from the Aberald's letter written to a friend of his where he describes the history of his relation with Héloïse, and two Héloïse's letters to Abelard she wrote as a reaction to “Abelard's letter to a friend of his”, and which became the beginning of their correspondence lasting till the end of their lives.
The history of Héloïse and Abelard is not a fiction. It took place in reality. It is connected with events and emotions. Their correspondence documents love and suffering, passion and rejection, closeness and solitude, power and weakness, raise and fall. It is very complex and ambiguous.
The form of a dress can be interpreted equivocally: can be associated with a nun attire (the body covered entirely) and with underwear (the colour and transparency of the fabrics) as well, is a bit crazy and freaky (too long sleeves).
Very emotional letters sewn under the front part of the dress are hidden unless somebody uncover them. This indicates intimacy and mystery, as well as revealing of this personal correspondence, refers also to pregnancy and the son who was born by Héloïse.

  • Héloïse. Veiled, unveiled.
  • Héloïse. Veiled, unveiled.
  • Héloïse. Veiled, unveiled.

  • Héloïse. Veiled, unveiled.