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Artur Krajewski
Culture, Art, Work

painting installation

The collective spiritual and material output of humanity, created in the course of history and constantly enriched with new art pieces and work of societies...

Those roosters looking in blackness for applause, lovely they are.
They won't be found here by the migraine of angels, who compete them zealously to be at the forefront in every paper-cut picture. They die and are born when dusted in show-cases with captions abominable and indignant.
They won't be forgotten...

Art creation manifesting in works of all kinds of artistry which meet the demands of beauty, harmony, aesthetics....

Flowers on a blue meadow are smiling most beautifully, in the summertime, sprinkled by a composition smoothly covered with a paint right from the brush, not mixed with any other paints. It's a bit sad they die, always...
But not for long!

- making, doing, working out, setting to work... Let's work!
Regarded as art it is usually of great value...

A brush dancing with all colours can not be looked at like a rapacious dado deprived of the golden frame!
A gesture is not a accident, not a pure chance only, it is also a sophisticated notion of style.
The track of a brush does not exist.
Long live interregnum!