Book Art

Artur KrajewskiMałgorzata Łempicka-BrianKrzysztof Szałek
Camus, 1994

Manuscripts Cycle (photographs by M. Ł-B., paintings by K. Sz.)
light-sensitive bromine emulsion, pigments, canvas; 80cm x 50cm; one of a kind

The pictures titled “Brecht”, “Buzatti”, “Camus” and “Kierkegard” have the form of a diptych – an open book: the photos on canvas by M. Łempicka-Brian are the manuscript's pages, the paintings have been made by K. Szałek.
The “Manuscripts” cycle is the homage to the masters of thoughts and pen, a bow to the vanishing art of handwriting. The artistic cooperation of a painter and a photographer resulted in a discussion using the language of forms, confronting abstract painting (as an expression of the inner artist's projection) with figurative photography (based on objective reality).