Book Art

Marek Gajewski
A Coincidence

written by the artist; mixed media – paper, textile, plaster, wood, photographs, pictures, strings, kitchen utensils, sand stones, flints and many other things; 66cm x 77cm x 13cm (spread); one of a kind; 2010

Photos, texts, images, used materials are but signs, indications, helping to wander inside oneself.
The texts constructed as lectures and monologues, as well as all physical elements of this puzzle-like work can be prompts, kind of passwords opening the door to those areas of the memory, also the group memory, we are not aware of.
The book is constructed in such a way, that readers can take with them the excerpts of texts. Applying the frottage technique they can also change the text.
A careful reader may admit, that not everything he/she sees is real, but I won't say more.

  • A Coincidence