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Wiesław B. Bołtryk

Wiesław B. Bołtryk

Born in Białystok in 1954. A poet, writer, playwright, actor, sculptor and graphic artist. Sings songs and draws satirical cartoons. Lives in London. An unsettled spirit [mind], always wandering and searching. A member of “PoEzja London” PoEzja Londyn Art Group, owner of an art gallery, publisher of the “Treuburg Post” magazine. The author of the play titled “SPECTACOLO”; the first première of this play took place in Olecko in 2001, with international cast. Bołtryk has also become, by accident as he says, the main character in the film “A Stork Stop” by Józef Romasza, which won the special award of the organizers of the “Prowincjonalia” National Film Festival in Września,