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Teodor Ajder

Teodor Ajder

„Cytokines”, Personal Exhibition, oil painting, „Pink-cow” Art-coffee Gallery, Harajyuku, Tokyo, Japan, November 2003
„MOJARO-1”, mixed-media installation, as part of a group exhibition under the patronage of Czech-Japanese Foundation, Yokohama, January 2006; presented online in the archives of
„3 Green cats” for Point Jaune Museum, Gallen, Switzerland. (Permanent exhibition)
„Office art project”, group exhibition, Curator: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Finland, August 2006

As well as other mail-art group exhibitions in Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, and Russia.
Currently doing mainly mail-art. The project I am working on can be found here:
It is about gathering the self-portraits/or portraits of presently active mail-artists from all over the world.