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Olena Staranchuk

Olena Staranchuk

place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine ; DATE OF BIRTH: 13.06.1986.

2008 - A member of the Union of Ukrainian Designers.

2009 - Teacher of the graphic design, Kiev State Institute of the Decorative-applied Art and Design of the name of M. Boychuk.

2010 - Co-founder of the art group VAL.

2013 - the scholarship program Goude Polonia in Wroclaw, Poland

Major Exhibitions

2013 - Curator national exhibition of poster, Lviv

2013 - Solo exhibition poster, Wroclaw, Poland

2012-2013 II International Festival of the Book of Arsenal, Kiev,

2012 - X International Poster Biennale Golden Bee, Moscow, Shirt-list

2012 - VIII International Triennial of Eco-Poster 4 Block, Kiev, Shirt-list

2009 - International contest of social poster "Good 50x70", Winner in nomination " HIV/AIDS"

2009 - International treenail of ecological poster "4 block", Kharkov, Shirt-list

2009 - International treenail of social poster and animation "AntiAID's", Kharkov

Third place for creating an actual graphic product and original treatment theme of the competition 'AntiAIDS - Ukraine'

2009 - The 3rd International Graphic Biennial of the Islamic World, Tehran, Iran, Shirt-list

2009 - The 10th Tehran International Poster Biennial, Iran, Shirt-list

Major Awards, Events and Achievements:

2013 - Commendation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

2013 - Diploma of the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture of Poland