Book Art

Maciej Linttner

Born in 1966 in Wałcz. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice). Graduated in graphic design and painting.

Selected exhibitions and awards:
1999  Work of the Year, Grand Prix, Katowice
1999  „Works on Paper – UN”, the first prize, Warsaw
2000  „Pictures”, Kronika Gallery, Bytom (solo exhibition)
2001  „Notes”, ZPAP Gallery, Katowice (solo exhibition)
2002  „Inside”, Kronika Gallery, Bytom (solo exhibition)
2007  „750ml of ultramarine”, Engram Gallery, Katowice (solo exhibition)
2008  „Accompanying Notes”, Extravagance Gallery, Zamek Sielecki, Sosnowiec (solo exhibition)