Book Art

Katarzyna Szpilkowska

Katarzyna Szpilkowska

Born in 1974. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Graduated in 1998. An illustrator, book artist, makes installations and art objects, accomplishes author's art projects, runs Children Art Centre in Łódź, Internet Children Art Gallery, art workshops for children and young people. Has exhibited her works in Poland, Germany and Sweden. Since 2003 a participant of Book Art Festivals. In 2005 presented in the Internet her multimedia book “Fairy Tales for Adults”. A teacher at the Polish Virtual University. In 2001-2006 a lecturer at the International Institute of Education through Art (College of Economy and Arts in Łódź).

Selected exhibitions:
2011  „A book in new attire”, 18th Biennial of Art for Children, Poznań
2010/2011  Triennial of Artist's Book – books from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary; Martin, Slovakia
2008  „Bookart Object”, Belgrade, Serbia
2006  Digital Arts Festival “FONLAD”, Coimbra, Portugal
2006-2008  International Book Art Festival “Time” (Warsaw Print Museum honorary mention)
2003-2005 International Book Art Festival „Wandering”, (the 2nd Jury Award and the Children Jury Award)